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Call centers For the development of your business, you need to create call centers for serving customers, telephone game, and hotline or just to offer consultations on the phone. The measurement and statistical analysis in the Call center are a guarantee for cost minimization, steady development and effective management. MicroStat Analytics offers you services and consultations, connected with developing new or optimizing the work of already existing Call centers in the following directions: Assessing the intensity of the calls, workload of your operators and the effectiveness of the used technique. The assessment can be general as well as done for the different activities and for different time – for a twenty-four-hour period, a week, a month, a year. Quality control of the services you offer in the Call centers, and in the cases, in which your main activity is another one – simultaneous quality control over all of the production processes. Simulations for the development of your Call center with different scenarios and estimation of the different risks. Estimation of the effect of the creation of a Call center on the development of your company. Development and support of CRM (customer relationship management). Conducting the market segmentation and supporting your marketing department. Improving the connection between the Call center and the production of your company (in the cases, when the Call center is created to support your main activity). Formation of a ground for efficient pricing policy of your company. Tracing the market arrangements and forecasting the future demand – general or by types of services. Effective management of the Call centers.   Some interesting statistical facts in measuring the call traffic: The calls follow a Poisson distribution. The time for call holding follows a negative exponential distribution. During normal working of the Call center the law of large numbers is set in action and there is a statistical equilibrium.   Telecommunications and Internet The measurement of the traffic of one telecommunication network allows optimizing and developing its work in the best possible way. The traffic measurement is at the heart of the following activities: Determining the types of traffic and the tendencies in their development Determining the intensity of the traffic for the different customer groups Monitoring (observation) of the services Sizing and management of the network Calculation of tariffs Forecasts development Measuring and managing the network SS7     If the activity of your company is developing, and accomplished mainly in the field of telecommunications, the consulting activity of MicroStat Analytics Ltd can be extremely useful for you in the following directions:   Forecasting MicroStat Analytics is able to develop forecasts for the future demand for  your services:(conversations, SMS, MMS, WAP, GRPS etc.). 1. All models for forecasting, shown inRecommendation E.507 - Curve fitting models, Smoothing models, Autoregressive models, Autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) models, State space models with Kalman Filtering, Regression models, Econometric models etc. 2. Models with change in working regime, which provide even greater preciseness of the forecast – SETAR, STAR, MWS, neural networks, VAR, modified ARIMA etc. 3. Models for examining the seasonality and cyclic recurrence within twenty-four hour period, week, month, year. Analysis and management of risks, connected with the subscribers (customers) The MicroStat Analytics specialists are able to develop, implement, support and improve the following types of models, with the help of which it is possible to analyze and manage the risks, connected with your subscribers (customers). 1. Models for credit appraisal of existing and potential subscribers of your company, when entering into a specific type of contract for subscription plan or leasing, based on scoring or another. 2. Models for risk determination of deferral of payment and/or refusal to pay and/or refusal of bills payment or leasing installment from your customer’s side. 3. Models for determining the probability for a certain credit limit of your customers to be achieved. 4. Models for determining the probability that a customer may stop using your services.  Fraud risks MicroStat Analytics offers you the service to develop models, supporting revealing existing and preventing future frauds and revealing suspicious actions, which allow: 1. Work with large quantities of information, even in rare cases of frauds. 2. Revealing unusual or suspicious actions, even when there are little data, as there are imputation procedures for the missing values. 3. Revealing new and unusual cases of frauds.
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