Market research

“The statistical methods are the key components for understanding your customers”.The American Statistical Association (ASA)   MicroStat Analytics offers its customers services in two directions: Supporting the activities of the marketing agencies Supporting the analytical activity of the marketing departments of the companies   Supporting the activity of the marketing agencies In their work, the MicroStat Analytics experts are skillfully combining the advantages of the scientific and the teaching work with their practical experience of many years in the field of statistics, econometrics and informational technologies. If the main activity of your company is connected with developing and conducting market research surveys, MicroStat Analytics is able to assist your work at all stages of one surveys - development of methodology and tools, design of the samples, data entry and processing, analyzing the information. More specifically, MicroStat Analytics offers you the following services: 1. A complex service of entering and processing the data of one survey: Developing data entry software ensuring the credibility of the entered information. For each of your surveys our experts are able to design and distribute to the operators Data Entry Software, using MicroStat Analytics Data Entry, developed by us. MicroStat Analytics is not only able to work with you, but also to provide the data entry through its own operators. Coordination and control of data entry process. Organizational and technical support when entering the data in two options – 24 hours/7 days a week or only during working hours. Following control of the entered data through answer validation checks, logical and arithmetical control, obligatory answers, identificator uniqueness check, identification of extremal and unusual values, etc. Preparing a file, ready to be analyzed, in a random format according to your preference 2. Design and presentation of market researches MicroStat Analytics offers your company a consultation or taking the actions to design and present different models of samples – stochastic (simple random combination, clustered, stratified, combined) and non-stochastic. 3.Improvement of the data from the market researches MicroStat Analytics gives You the opportunity to improve the data from the conducted researches before you analyze them and give them to your clients through: Imputation of values of missing data through statistical and econometrical methods. Calibrating the results from the sample researches in order to correct the displacements, due to the sample character of the information. 4. Statistical and econometrical analysis of the results from the market research surveys MicroStat Analytics offers you one completely new opportunity – analysis of the gathered trough the research data through contemporary statistical and econometrical methods and models. In this way you, as a marketing agency, can offer your client an enriched and completed product. A part of the methods and the models that our company implements in the field of marketing, are the neural networks, decision trees, logistic regressions, factor, cluster, and discriminative analysis, multidimensional scaling, Association rules, Wavelets, STAR, SETAR, MSW models, experiments planning, checks of statistical hypothesis, etc.   Supporting the analytical activity of the marketing departments of the companies You are an owner or a director of a company, whose main activity is not connected with designing and conducting market researches, but you have your own marketing department and you strive to improve your activity, using maximally efficiently the advantages, that the “marketing world” offers you. Trough the implementation of the contemporary statistical and econometrical models, MicroStat Analytics is able to support the analytical activity of your marketing department in the following directions: Determining the customer groups and the opportunities for attracting new customers – general, potential, available, qualified, target and captivated market with the help of multidimensional statistical models. Market segmentation by social-economical and demographical features, territorial situation of your customers in Bulgaria, as well as in the separate populated places with the help of multidimensional statistical methods. Determining the main factors, on which the change in the customer preferences depend, attracting new, retention of the already existing and loss of existing or potential customers – as a whole or by market segments through statistical hypothesis check, etc. Examining the expectations, needs, abilities and requirements of the different customer groups towards the products of your company, as well as the degree of correspondence between their qualities and the customer needs. Optimal location of your distribution network on the territory of separate populated places, as well as on the territory of Bulgaria as a whole. Determining its working time as a result of the analysis of the different market segments. Analysis of the market competition. Specifying the advantages and disadvantages of your products with these of the competitors. Opportunities for attracting customers of the competitive companies. Price policy and advertising. Analysis of your, already existing advertising strategies and determining the degree of their orientation towards the different target groups, participants in ‘the game’. Taking account of the effect of a specific advertising campaign through experiment design. Examining the dynamics of production and sales of your products and services – cyclic recurrence within twenty-four-hour-period, week, month, etc. with the help of spectral analysis and Wavelets. Development tendencies. Forecasting your future income and profit with linear and non-linear statistical models. Development of methodology and tools for examination, entry and processing of data through MicroStat Analytics Data Entry, analysis of the results of the market researches, conducted by you. Development of an optimal strategy for development of your business as a whole or your specific product.
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