Transport and road infrastructure

During the last few years we can observe a tendency for increase in the flow of travelers and automobiles in the big cities, there are increasing problems with the movement, parking, even bigger traffic jams, irregular public transport and a big number of transport accidents. In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to conduct regular special statistical researches and analyses. Measuring and forecasting the flow of travelers and transport vehicles, on one hand, gives us the opportunity to estimate the financial effect from investing in a specific infrastructure, and on the other hand, to estimate the social effect upon the people and the influence on the environment. MicroStat Analytics offers specialized researches and forecasting the number of travelers, using a specific type of transport, the time and the distance, for which they move within one place or outside that place. If your business is developing in the field of public transport, the result of similar researches will help you forecast with greater preciseness your future income and expenditures; to optimize the routes and schedules for each route in the different hours of the day, within one week or within the year; to optimize the ticket selling network; to estimate the inclination of the travelers to substitute the public transport with this of the taxis, route taxis or use their own way of transportation. Such researches would also support the bodies of the local government, that is, the municipalities, when planning and forecasting the necessary infrastructure, solving the problems with the traffics jams and parking, assessment of the current and future environment pollution and the means, needed for overcoming these problems. If you are a building entrepreneur, the specialized researches will be of a great use for you, when constructing shopping centers and parking lots, housing and business buildings. If you own/manage a taxi company or a company for route taxi transportation, you constantly need information about: What is the current and the future demand for taxi services/ route taxi transportation services; how often people look for taxi services/ route taxi transportation services; what is the territorial location of your customers and the distance, for which they want to be transported; the prices they are ready to pay; how the demand changes within the day, week or one year and on what other factors the demand for taxi services/route taxi transportation services depends? What is the supply of taxi services/ route taxi transportation services, which includes not only the number of taxis/route taxis within the separate city, but also their concentration in its separate parts, to what degree  the supply corresponds to the demand of taxi services/ route taxi transportation services? What is the quality of your services? To what degree you are competitive and to what degree your services correspond to the requirements of the customers? When and how your customers would substitute the services that you offer with these of the public transport, other taximages/ route taxi companies or they would just use their own way of transportation? How to optimally use the existing capacity and how to attract new customers and to always be close to them? How to improve the work of your Call centers and the means for communication? What are the effects of your advertising campaign in two aspects – the advertisement of your taxi company/ route taxi transportation company, and the advertisement of other taxi companies/ route taxi transportation companies, working on your taxi automobiles/ route taxis? What impact would the changes in some of the components of demand and supply of taxi services/ route taxi transportation services have on your company? Answers of these and many other questions you can find in the statistical researches on the different types of transportation, offered by MicroStat Analytics.
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